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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Is there a reference (book or website) or one of your audio lessons that would help me in a medical mission with Project Medishare @ Bernard Mevs in PAP ? I only need to know very basic- Are you in pain? Take a deep breath and cough. Roll over. I will see you tomorrow. I know please and thank you- and we have some interpreters. THANK YOU

You can use the English/Haitian Creole Medical Dictionary by Maude Heurtelou and Fequière Vilsaint.  It is mainly a dictionary.  I did browse it once or twice, I don’t remember seeing any sentences for patient communication in there.

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Are you in pain? – Eske ou genyen doulè

Where is your pain? – Ki kote doulè ou ye?

Show me where’s your pain – Montre mwen kote doulè ou ye?

Take a deep breath and cough – Pran yon gran souf enpi touse

Roll over onto your right side – vire sou bò dwat ou.

Roll over onto your left  side – Vire sou bò goch ou.

Roll over onto your back – Vire enpi kouche sou do ou.

Roll over onto your stomach – Vire enpi kouche sou vant ou.

I will see you tomorrow – Mwen va wè ou demen.

See you tomorrow – Na wè demen

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