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Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Vin Griyen Dan'w" ak Sejoe

Thanks Sejoe, I did laugh a lot :)
Now you've got another audience, foreigners that are learning H. Creole will find your channel helpful and entertaining.
Kenbe la.


Press Release:

A lot has changed since Sejoe was first introduced to the Internet world in
2009. He ventured off to create a cartoon, produce music videos and work with
celebrities like Flo Rida, Daddy Yankee and A$AP Rocky. Five years later, the
passion for his work is obvious and his creative maturity is also unmistakable.
In challenging himself and knowing that the Haitian and Haitian American people
need something very specific, he has birthed The Sejoe Show.

The Sejoe Show is a Haitian humor series presentation in high definition
programming. Wanting to represent the Haitian people all over the globe well, he
refused to release any aspect of this project if it wasn’t up to par. What
inspired its creation is very simple: there are nearly no entertainment outlets
for the Haitian and Haitian American community. Everything that is currently
available dedicated to the Haitian culture is targeted towards a generation that
is, let’s face it, dying out.

The Sejoe Show was thoroughly produced for Generation Millennial because we are
the future!

Sejoe’s intention is to showcase a part of Haitian culture that is rarely ever
seen while educating and making the masses laugh. He wanted to provide the
Haitian people with something exclusively for them; something to call their own;
something to make them happy.

Here we premier the first episode/1er Dan of a four-part series that is composed
of original skits, jokes and viral videos (in Creoglish) that relate to Haitian,
Haitian American and American culture. If you’ve ever wanted to be a
humanitarian, now is the perfect time: ‘like’ and share the video to support and
push national recognition. Every Haitian in the world deserves to Vin Griyen

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