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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exercise 54 - What is your New Year resolution? Tell me in Creole!

Hi everyone! - Allo tout moun!

What is your New year Resolution for the year 2011?

Write your New year's resolution in Haitian Creole and then translate it in English.
Ane sa, m pral li de liv. (This year i will read two books)
Nan 2011 m pral retounen lekol. (In 2011 I will go back to school)
Ane sa mwen ak madanm mwen pral vizite yon peyi etranje. (This year me and my wife will visit a foreign country)
Rezolisyon mwen ane sa se pou m souri pli souvan. (My resolution this year is to smile more often :)

I don't do well with New Year resolution. I usually get very lazy about it by mid-year. So I will post about something that I can keep up with.

Thanks! Hope to read about your New Year's resolution soon.

It's ok to post anonymously.


  1. Ane sa, m pral vizite St. Augustine, Florida.
    (This year I will visit St. Augustine, Florida.)

  2. m vle achte yon kay ane sa
    I want to buy a house this year

  3. ane sa mwen vle yon tike pou ale lakay m

  4. Ane sa m pral renmen Jezi anpil.
    This year I will love Jesus more.

  5. this year im gonna see tobyMac!!!!!

  6. M' vle pale e konprann kreyol la pi bon.

  7. Ane sa a, m'vle prann yon klas kreyol.