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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to use "move" as a verb in all contexts?

I think three basic things one must know about the Haitian Creole word MOVE is that
#1.  It can be used as an adjective.  And when it is used as an adjective it means bad, wicked, corrupt, mean, rotten, vicious, etc...
#2. As a verb it basically means to be angry, to be mad (or even boiling mad), to be furious, to be tempestuous, etc...
#3.  MOVE, in Creole, can also be written as MOVÈZ (from the feminine part in French).  Although word gender does not matter much in Creole, you definitely will come across MOVÈZ.  Haitians tend to use MOVÈZ with the following words: movèz fwa, movèz konduit, movèz odè, movèz espri.  You should know that you can always use MOVE instead of MOVÈZ  – Se Kreyòl n’ap pale.  Se pa Franse n’ap pale.

1. Mwen t'ale vizite yo, enpi yo te ban m yon move akèy.
    I went to visit them, and they gave me a bad reception.

2. Nèg sa a gen move jan. (you can say move jan, move karaktè, move tanperaman, move mannyè, or move fason) 
    This man is quick tempered. (he's grouchy, cranky....)

3. Timoun sa yo pa edike.  Yo gen movèz konduit.
    These kids are not educated.  They have bad manners.

4. Kay la nan movèz eta nèt. Ou p'ap ka vann li pou anpil kòb.
    The house is in a deplorable condition. You won't be able to sell it for much.

5. Depi m wè ak misye, se move pawòl sèlman li vle pale.
    Whenever I see him, all he wants to talk about is rubbish
    move pawòl → bad words or explicit words of sexual nature)
    move mo → bad words, cuss words

6.  Ala timoun gen movèz fwa! (gen movèz fwa → to be stiff necked)
     What stubborn kids they are! 

 7.  Ou vin wè m move lè.  m pa ka pale kounye a.  M'okipe anpil anpil.
      You've come to see me at a bad time.  I can't talk now.  I'm extremely busy. 

8.  Kay la gen movèz odè. or
     Kay la gen move sant.
     The house smells bad. or
     The house has a bad smell.

9. Ou fè yon move nimewo.
    You've dialed a wrong number.

10. Nan bon tan kou nan move tan m'ap toujou rete zanmi w.
      In good as in bad times I will always remain your friend. 


Move → to be upset, to be mad, to be raging, to be tempestuous

11. Fanm sa a toujou move.  Napwen moun ki ka bòde l.
      This woman is always in a bad mood.  No one can approach her.

12. Pandan nou te sou kannòt la, lanmè a te move.  Nou te panse nou tout t’ap peri.
      While we were in the canoe the sea was raging.  We thought that we would all perish.

13. Li te move kou kong.
      He was mad as hell.

14. Lè mwen te di kliyan an nou p'at kapab vann li byè li te move sou mwen.
      When I told the client that we could not sell him beer he was furious at me.

Fè move san → to be upset, to be indignant, to be so bothered by something that you become ill, to suffer an emotional shock because you're so upset.

15.  Lè fanm nan tande sèl pitit fi li a te ansent a trèzan, li fè move san.  Li pa't kapap respire.  Yo te blije mennen l lopital.
       When the woman heard that her only daughter was pregnant at 13 years old she became upset.  She couldn't breathe.  They had to take her to the hospital.

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  1. This is good to know but I meant "to move" meaning to change from one place to another. For example, "I'm going to move this bed to the corner." or "Move over so that he can sit down." or "I am moving out of this crazy neighborhood." or "I am moving to a new city." or "He is moving in to a very nice apartment." Could you provide all the creole verbs for "to move" and translation for sentences and then some?