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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some Verb tenses in Haitian Creole

OK! I am trying to gather together and sort into a chart all the Kreyol tenses. What I have so far is: Simple Present-(speak) pale Present Progressive-(speaking) ap(a) pale Conditional-(would speak) ta pale Conditional Future-(was going to speak) ta pral Simple Past (spoke) te pale Past Progressive (was speaking) te ap (t' ap) pale Simple Future (going to speak) ap(a) pale, pral pale, (a)va pale, al pale, Simple Future (will speak) a pale Present Negation (don't speak) pa pale Past Negation (didn't speak) pa te (pa t) pale Future Negation (will not speak) pa pral ou pa ap (p' ap) pale Do I have them all? And are they in the right categories? Whew! :)

There are more tenses in Haitian Creole :)
Let me just rewrite the ones that you have (in Creole) and maybe add a couple more:

tan prezan / prezan senp (present tense)
Ou pale Kreyòl.
You speak Creole.

prezan imedya  / pwogresif (Progressive)
W'ap pale Kreyòl.
You are speaking Creole.

patisip prezan (present perfect)
Ou pale Kreyòl pandan ventan e kounye a ou pral aprann Franse.
Ou te pale Kreyòl pandan ventan e kounye a ou pral aprann Franse.
You've spoken Creole for twenty years, and now you will learn French.

tan enperatif (Imperative)
Pale avè l pou w ka konnen sa'k te pase.
Se pou w pale avè l pou w ka konnen sa'k te pase.
Speak to him so that you know what happened.

Ke Bondye beni w.
Se pou Bondye beni w.
May God bless you.

pase senp (past tense)
Ou te pale Kreyòl.
You spoke Creole.

pase anteryè (past perfect)
Mwen te pale avèk li anvan li te monte machin nan.
I had spoken to her before she boarded the car.

pase / enpafè(Past progressive)
Mwen t'ap pale avè li lè polisye yo te rive.
I was speaking to him when the police arrived.

fiti senp (Future)
Ou pral pale Kreyòl trè byen lè w konplete kou a.
Ou va pale Kreyòl trè byen lè' w konplete kou a
W'ava pale Kreyòl trè byen lè w konplete kou a.
W'a pale kreyòl trè byen lè w fini konplete kou a.
W'ap pale Kreyòl trè byen lè w konplete kou a.
You will speak Creole very well when you complete the course.

fiti anteryè (Future perfect)
M te pral pale avèk li, men li refize gade 'm.
I ws going to speak to her, but she refused to look at me.

tan kondisyonèl prezan (conditional)
Ou ta pale Kreyòl pi vit si w ou te fè pli szefò.
You would speak Creole faster if you had made more effort.

tan Kondisyonèl pase (Past conditional)
M ta pral pale Kreyòl avèk madanm nan si l pa't joure m.
I would have spoken Creole to her if she hadn't cursed at me.

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  1. Sa se yon bon mesaj. Li bay anpil anpil ed!

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  3. Please can you do an interactive multiple choice quiz for this and for other lessons? I would really appreciate it! It makes it all sink in more! Thanks!
    I'd also like to add that I love your website, you cover so much in it! Thanks again. :)