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Monday, June 24, 2013

how do you translate STEP BY STEP in Creole. All the words her can be translated as PA? STEP BY STEP (PA PA PA)?

It would be very awkward if we could say "pa pa pa" .

Try the following translations for step by step
ti pa ti pa
Ti pa ti pa n'a rive Step by step we'll get there

etap pa etap
Nou dwe suiv direksyon yo etap pa etapwe must follow the directions step by step

Sovè a avèk mwen.  L'ap gide m pazapa. →  The savior is with me.  He is guiding me step by step.

and there are more translations:
ti kal pa ti kal
ti kras pa ti kras
moso pa moso
piti a piti

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