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Monday, March 23, 2015

For those who are having trouble with writing Haitian Creole 'accents' or 'foreign characters' on your computer, here's help......

aplikasyon pou aksan fòs la

You know how important these foreign characters are, don't you?
You want to write pòt (door) but you end up writing pot (to bring)
or maybe it takes an average of 5 keystrokes to achieve these: À à È è Ò ò
and you don't want to go through all that.
So here's a trusted link for adding an app on your PC that will make writing the characters easier.
Once you've install the app, all it will take is to press on the corresponding letters twice on your keyboard, and you're there.
You may toggle the ALT + K key to make the app ACTIVE or INACTIVE depending whether you're writing Kreyòl or other languages.
The program produces an audible confirmation of its mode (double BEEP Haiti keyboard; single BEEP USA keyboard). 
A Haitian flag icon is added if you wish to use it as the icon for the app.

This app comes to you compliment of Guyto Bichotte who created it. Thanks Guyto (67716C32303134).

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