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Sunday, June 28, 2015

I am a Haitian who grew up in the US. My mother used to refer to people arguing as "moun k'ap jouri (or joure)." But I found no definitions for jouri and all the definitions of joure are much more severe than just an argument, such as insulting, cursing, blaming. Please explain.

First of all, the word is joure (as a trans. verb). Joure or jouman can be used as nouns.
Joure means to curse or insult someone as well as it means to nag or to have a nasty argument.

You may say,
Se tout tan fanm sa a ap joure m pou m mete fatra yo deyò. - This woman has been nagging me about putting the garbage out for a long time.

Direktè a te fache. Li te kanpe devan klas la enpi l te joure elèv yo pou bagay malonèt ke yo te fè. - The principal was angry. He stood in front of the class and rebuked the students for the shameful things that they did.

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