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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bonjou Mandaly! I love today's Haitian Creole Daily Word.Does the term jou pou jou mean the same as de jou anjou? mèsi!

Hi :)
Non. De jou an jou means day by day, day after day.
Ti pitit fi Mercidieu a t ap grandi. Li t ap vin pi bèl de jou an jou.
Mercidieu's little girl was growing. She was getting more beautiful day after day.

jou pou jou  is the date on which an event took place in some previous year.
Jou pou jou ki pou fè maryaj Ti Mari ak Fanfan an setan, yo te divòse.
Seven years to the day of Fanfan and Ti Mari's wedding, they got a divorce.

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