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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello Mandaly, I'm curious, can you speak, read, and write in French fluently?

Most Haitians that have gone to school in Haiti up to, at least 6èm ane can write and read French well. They would be more fluent in French if they spoke it at home, but usually they don't. They usually speak Creole at home and everywhere else.
Two of my sisters were born in French Guiana, When my mom finally brought them home to Haiti, they did not know Creole, so the household spoke French at home for a few years. I attribute my fluency to that.

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  1. As a native English speaker, your English is impeccable. Did you learn English when you came to the US or in Haiti or both?

    1. Awww Thanks :)
      I learned English after I came to the U.S. It was an adventure, really :)

    2. Also, I understand that you meant "As a native Creole speaker" in your comment :)

  2. No, I meant " as a nativeEnglish speaker", but what I should have said is "As a native English and Creole speaker"