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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Yet one more questions about yo. Can you have it in the following sentence Jan rayi chat yo (as in the French: Jean déteste les chats)

Grammatically your sentence is correct.
Jan rayi chat yo correctly translates the sentence Jean hates the cats.
In French, it's ok to have 'les' (art.) before 'chats'.
Just remember that it is not necessary to add 'yo' if the noun 'chat' is no specified.

Some examples.
Jan rayi chat. - Jean hates cats.
Betty pa renmen zaboka. - Betty doesn't like avocados.
Li pa renmen gason. - She detests men.
So, there's no need to add yo to know that these nouns are plural.

But you can, of course, add 'yo' if the nouns are specified.
Kilè ou pral mennen chat yo kay veterinè a? - When will you take the cats to the veterinarian?
Mèsi pou tout danre ou pote yo, men mwen pa vle zaboka yo. Ou mèt pran yo. M pa renmen zaboka.
Thanks for all the produce that you brought but I don't want the avocados. You may have them. I don't like avocados.

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  1. She doesn't like men: li pa renmen gason. She hates men: li rayi gason

    1. Yes, thank you Willeen. Bon obzèbasyon.
      Mwen eseye pou m pa tradui motamo tou.

      Kenbe la :)