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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bounjou :) When we talked about the comparison of adjectives in class, our teacher only gave us examples with 'pi + *adjective* + pase', e.g. « Yon elefan pi gwo pase yon chen. ». But what term do you use in Haitian Creole when you want to say "less"? Maybe "mwens"? Is «Yon chen mwens gwo pase yon elefan. » a grammatically correct sentence? Mèsi davans :)

On occasion, I've heard people use mwens ... ke, mwens ... pase
Egzanp: Vwayaje nan avyon mwens fatigan pase vwayaje nan machin. - Traveling by plane is less tiring than traveling by car.
Egzanp: Le vandredi ofis la mwens anime pase tout lòt jou yo. - On Fridays, the office is less busy than any other days.

Sometimes if the English sentence calls for mwens ... ke/pase, we tend to turn it around to use pi/plis ..... pase/ke

Egzanp: The bike is less expensive than the car - Bekàn nan pi bon mache pase machin nan.

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