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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Can you explain the use(s) of "sa"? When should it go before, when should it go after words? Thank you!!

In English you have the demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

demonstrative adjectives
this house - kay sa a (some people may say 'kay sa')
that book - liv sa a
these cars - machin sa yo
those houses - kay sa yo
So, in that case 'sa' always goes after the noun.

This is my book - Sa se liv mwen.
That is my dad - Sa se papa mwen.
These are not my clothes. - Sa yo se pa rad mwen.
Those are beautiful. - Sa yo bèl.
It's really bad. - Sa vrèman mal.
What is this? - Ki sa sa ye?
Do you want this one? - Èske ou vle sa a?

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