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Thursday, February 16, 2017

I know this is an old post but I am living in haiti and ran across your blog. I had someone teach me "pozie" and said it meant wait. (The spelling could be way off) is this true or do you know what this means?

Yes it is.
Yes. It's written as poze. It's more like hold on, take your time, wait a minute, or to cool it.

We also use poze in the expression poze san ou which means to calm down, cool it, or don't be in such a haste.

Some examples:

Poze san w non! - Calm down!

Pou kisa ou prese konsa? Poze san w tande. - Why are you in such a hurry. Take your time, you hear?

Ou wè nèg la. Ou pa ko konnen l pou menm de (2) semenn, men kounye a ou pral marye avè l. Se pou poze san w. Chache konnen ki kalite moun li ye anvan.
You see the man. You have not known him for even 2 weeks, and now you're going to marry him. You should wait. Try first to find out what type of person he is.

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