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Monday, February 13, 2017

What are the various ways "and" can be written or expressed in Haitian Creole. I have noticed ak but also "e" , and epi...are these all correct.

Yes. We use e, epi, ak, avèk avè.

"e" joins two or more independent clauses
Mwen bouke, mwen grangou, e dòmi nan je m.
I am tired, I'm hungry, and I'm sleepy.

"epi" - and, and then, then
Li te rele m de (2) jou pase pou revoke m, epi apre sa li pa janm rele m ankò.
He called me two days ago to fire me, and after that he never called me again.

ak, avèk, avè joins two or more words or groups of words.

Papa w ak frè w te vin wè w maten an men ou pa t lakay ou.
Your father and brother came to see you this morning but you weren't home.

Machin ak vwati se menm bagay la.
Machin and vwati are the same things.

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