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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello Mandalay, Can you explain the usage of "La" in creole, specifically when referring to certain greetings or situations. For example "Kouman w ye la?" Why would the la? be added there? there are also similar situations where the la would be added. Thanks for your help!

Yes you will find that we use them especially when asking questions. In these instances 'la' is used as an adverb. Though it may represent there, at this timeat the moment, or right now there should be no attempt to translate it.  Those meanings are just implied.

Kouman ou ye la? - How are you?
Poukisa w ap fatige kò w la? - Why are you worrying?
Sa w ap di la? - What are you saying?
Poukisa w ap fè tout bagay sa yo la? - Why are you doing all this?
Kisa w vle di la? - What do you mean?
Kounye a la ou pa respekte m ankò? - What now, you don't respect me anymore?
Kisa nou dwe fè la? - What should we do now?

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