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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

what is exactly meant by 'tout bon', with examples please.thanks

tout bon - true, for good, for real
We use it to say that something is true, something is a fact

Se tout bon. - It's true.
Èske se tout bon? - Is it true?

Èske se tout bon ou te rankontre ak vedèt Beyonce nan yon restoran?
Is it true that you met superstar Beyonce at a restaurant?

Tout bon? - Really?

We also say: pou tout bon

Se pou tout bon wi. - It's true. / It's for real.

Lè m te di w ke m t ap kite w la, se te pou tout bon wi.
When I told you that I was going to leave you, it was for real.
When I told you that I was going to leave you, I meant it.

Li fache tout bon wi. or Li fache pou tout bon.
She is angry for real.
She's really angry.

Mwen renmen w tout bon.
I love you for real.
I really love you.

Se pa manti m ap fè non, se bagay tout bon m ap pale w.
It's not a lie that I'm making, it's something for real I am telling you.
I'm not lying, I'm telling you the truth.

Se pa espre l ap fè non, se tout bon li pa ka mache.
He's not pretending, he truly can't walk.

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