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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's the meaning of the word kelkonk? And some examples

kèlkonk - any or whatever
It is used to describe an unspecific person or thing

yon moun kèlkonk - someone, anyone, whatever person
yon bagay kèlkonk - something, anything

Sipoze mwen ta ofri ou yon sèvis kèlkonk, konbyen ou ta peye m?
Suppose I would offer you any service, how much would you pay me?

Sipoze mwen ta mande yon moun kèlkonk pou vin chita devan, kilès nan nou ki ta ofri tèt li?
Suppose I would ask anyone to come sit in the front, which one of you would volunteer?

Fò w ta ban mwen yon bagay kèlkonk kòm avalwa.
You must give me something as down payment.

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