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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hello, this question goes for both gender but could you list some key phrases/words necessary for getting a haircut? Things like "bring the sides all the way down" etc. Thank you!

to get a haircut - taye cheve
baber - kwafè
going to the barber - ale kay kwafè
bring the sides down - raze sou kote yo
sideburns - pafouten
doing the neckline is called fè tyas
you can ask for a blocked neckline and say - fè tyas la kare
You can ask for a rounded neckline and say - fè tyas la won
Shave the beard - taye bab la


E kijan yo rele "receding hair"? Cheve chankre, petet?

Mandaly  June 28, 2019 12:08 says:
Dabitid nou di 'tèt chòv'.
Wi, konn gen moun ki di cheve chankre, fontèn kale, onswa fontèn ayewopò, men, receding hair se definitivman yon tèt k ap chòv :)

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