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Friday, September 29, 2017

What's the differences and real meanings of lonje and alonje?

Lonje and alonje are synonymous. They mean to make longer

Èske w kapab alonje janm pantalon sa a pou mwen? - Can you lengthen these pants for me?

Lonje does have other meaning, such as to extend, to hand something

Lonje bokit la ban mwen - Hand me the pail.
Li lonje men l ban mwen - He extended his hand to me.

Lonje kò  means to lie back, to take easy, to lounge
M pral fè yon ti lonje kò m la a. - I am going to relax a litle bit.

Lonje dwèt - to poin
Lonje dwèt ou pou montre de ki moun w ap pale a?
Point to show me who you are talking about.

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