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Friday, August 7, 2020

At this site, you wrote a construction that I am having trouble understanding........

At this site, you wrote a construction that I am having trouble understanding:

"Jouk kote sante w ye a pou w ap kite moun twouble l, mezanmi o!"

I understand it's some sort of joke, but I can't figure out what you're actually saying, and my Haitian friends can't seem to explain it. Can you translate it into English and help me understand? 

Mandaly says:
Oh man! you are right. It is indeed kind of hard to explain :)

Jouk kote - the way it used here, usual means far, separate, apart, unrelated, in a peaceful corner away from the chaos


Jouk kote    | sante w ye a   | pou w | kite  | moun    | twouble | l   mezanmi o! |
So far away | your health is  | for you to let | people | disturb it  | wow! |

It will be translated as: Wow! Why are you letting people disturb your health when it is isolated or unrelated to whatever the cintext of the conversation was

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