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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is WÈL? as in 'grangou nan wèl mwen'

Creole's wèl means ass, like Creole nouns dengonn, bouda

1. Grangou nan wèl mwen. 
    I'm hungry. basically

2. Mwen te pèdi liv Marie a.  Se sa'k fè li lage dife nan wèl mwen pou m remèt li lajan liv la.
    I lost Maries' book.  That's why she's after me like fire in my ass to reimburse her the money for the book.

3. Si'w maltrete sè'm nan, m'ap nan wèl ou tande!
    If you mistreat my sister, I'll be after your ass you hear!

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  1. Good question... now I have to go relisten to some songs where I thought they were saying "wè'l" and see if they make more sense.