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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ki sa ki tout siyifikasyon pou mo 'nève' a?

nève (or enève) (intransitive) → to become very angry, to be mad, to be upset
nève (or enève) (transitive) → to irritate s.o,  piss off

1. Misye te nève, donk li ba chen an yon kout pye.
    He was mad, so kicked the dog.

2. Gen moun ki p'ap travay ki resevwa bon asirans lasante.  Mwen menm, m'ap travay di e m pa menm gen mwayen pou al kay dantis chak ane.  Sa nève'm.
     There are some people who aren't working who receives good health insurance.  I'm working very hard and can't even afford a yearly dental visit.  This pisses me off.

Also, nève can also be use to translate nervous (as in nervous system)
3.  Maladi a te atake system nève li.
     Maladi te atake tout nè li.
     The disease attacked his nervous system.

and of course, we have the word neve (without the accent on the first "e") which is Creole for nephew.
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