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Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's the Haitian Creole word for 'to give up'? "He was surrounded, so he gavehimself up." or "They gave up the search when it got dark." or "He gave up his seat to an old man." or "I gave up my faith years ago." or "OK, I give up, you

There are many ways you can say "to give up" in H. Creole.
to give upsede, abandone, bay legen, bat ba, kite sa, lese tonbe

1. He was surrounded, so he gave himself up.
    Yo te sènen li donk li bay legen.
    bay legen, bat ba → to cede, to surrender, to yield

2. to give up something
     abandone bagay la
     kite bagay la tonbe

3. Give it up.
     Kite sa.
     Lese l tonbe.

4. He gave up his faith years ago.
    This one seems to say that he's abandoned his faith years ago.
    Li abandone relijyon li kèk ane pase.

5.  I give up. You win.
     more like .....I surrender
     M bay legen.  Se ou k genyen.

6.  He gave up his seat for an old man. 
     Li abandone plas li pou yon mesye pèsonaj.
     Li kite plas li bay yon mesye pèsonaj.
     Li sede plas li bay yon mesye pèsonaj.

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