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Monday, May 25, 2015

When I was 17 I went to Haiti on a mission trip. We sang "Come and go with me to my Father's House" in Creole. I am teaching this to my three year olds in preschool, but don't know how to write the words to the song In Creole. can you help me? The words are something like Mwe ve alles la lachai pappamwe gayuh jwa, jwa jwa and La pa gayuh peshay Can you help me? Please?

Tout bagay va byen
Lakay Papa mwen *(3 fwa)
Tout bagay va byen lakay Papa mwen
Genyen jwa, jwa, jwa

Pa va gen peche
Lakay Papa mwen (3 fwa)
Pa va gen peche lakay Papa mwen.
Genyen jwa, jwa, jwa

Mwen vle ale la
Lakay Papa mwen (3 fwa)
Mwen vle ale la lakay Papa mwen
Genyen jwa, jwa, jwa

Eske w vle ale
Lakay Papa mwen? (3 fwa)
Eske w vle ale Lakay Papa mwen?
Genyen Jwa, jwa, jwa.

Some people say "nan kay Papa mwen“ instead of "lakay Papa mwen
There’s no big difference between the two.
One says at my Father’s house

The other says in my father’s house.

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