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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ti zwazo kote wa prale.. do you know it Mandy?

Oh I see, we're reminiscing about the times of the makout :)

Ti zwazo kote ou prale
Mwen prale kay Fiyèt Lalo
Fiyèt Lalo konn manje ti moun
Si w ale l a manje ou tou
Brit kolobrit, brit kolobrit
Wosiyòl manje kowosòl
Woule woule woule
Mwen soti lavi  Okay tout bèt nan bwa
Zandolit… tonbe nan bwa
Tout bèt …. tonbe nan bwa


Thanks Debbie for posting the music score which you can find here:

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  1. How do you say " you are mean to me"

    1. You are mean to me.
      Ou mechan avè m.
      Ou rayisab avè m.

  2. Hello, I have a book with the Ti Zwazo music and posted it here:

    1. Thanks, I'll include this link in the post..