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Friday, November 27, 2015

Chef Rafi kuit yon soup joumou Ayisyen byen gou! / Chef Rafi makes a tasty Haitian squash soup!

It's been our tradition for more than 200 years now, soup joumou on January 1st, Haitian independence day. Haitians have celebrated their independence every year since 1804 by eating and sharing this tasty soup. Chef Rafi, the young chef who's brought us so many international and exotic dish is bringing us a delicious soup joumou in his usual playful cooking show on his cooking channel.
The section of young  Chef Rafi's cooking show that he dedicated to this Haitian delicacy is aired in both English and Creole, so you will even learn the name of the ingredients in Creole. Each show ends with some sayings and proverbs, and you will definitely learn some Haitian wisdom in this portion of the show. Haitian independence day without soup joumou is like celebrating Thanksgiving without the yummy turkey and stuffing. Be sure to check out Chef Rafi cooking show and make the soup with him in honor of Haitian Independence Day.

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  1. But don't wait until Independence Day to cook this delicious Soup Joumou. Try it now. Has anyone cooked this with leftover Thanksgiving turkey?

  2. Avec la dinde soup la gen bon gou. Pa blier ajouter magi.